Spiced apple cake


Autumn is my favourite season. And this has been a particularly glorious autumn: crisp and sunny days, trees burning with autumnal hues, polished conkers lying on the ground. Yes: I am feeling poetic and creatively inspired. ‘Tis the season of mists, mellow fruitfulness and maturing sun. I even managed a drink (hot) in a pub garden last weekend after a long morning walk. My seasonal fervour has seeped through to my cooking and I’m particularly proud of this spiced apple cake which was/is a veritable success. Friends, family and colleagues that demonstrate culinary prowess have been asking me (frequently) “what can I make that you can eat?” Especially so at work where it sometimes feels as if I’m in an episode of Bake Off: our office kitchen is a daily delight and danger with so many skilled bakers about! So here is something that I can eat which you can also enjoy (I hope that others with gastroparesis are also able to sample this too):

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